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Florida Lawmaker: “Arrest the FBI ON SIGHT!” Dr Tenpenny SOUNDS ALARM on Global Depopulation

“It’s Time for us in the Florida Legislature to call an emergency legislative session and amend our laws regarding federal agencies. Sever ALL Ties with the DOJ immediately. “Any FBI agent Conducting law enforcement functions outside the purview of our state should be arrested upon sight.” Sabatini joins the Stew Peters Show to Press the Florida Legislature to TAKE ACTION against a rogue Federal Government.

Eric Methany is a former Miami prosecutor and a Criminal Defense attorney. He joins Stew to discuss the FBI RAID of President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago Residence. Eric, through his experience as a defense attorney, knows how easy it is to get a search warrant from a judge. Search warrants are almost never denied because the officer knows exactly what to put to convince the judge. Eric states that what is on the sheet of paper given to the judge is completely different from the real story, but that is all the judge has.

Just because an agent has a search warrant, does not mean that there is any evidence. Methany believes President Trump was targeted by the feds, who collaborated with a judge who protected Epstein and the Corrupt Clintons in order to take him out of the presidential race.

As soon as the COVID shot was administered, infertility rates skyrocketed. Coincidence? We think NOT. Dr. Tenpenny joins to talk about the infertility rates, miscarriages in the 3rd trimester, & how the COVID vaccine is behind this horrific tragedy. The worst part is that the CHILDREN who have now taken this vaccine will also struggle with infertility, & be the victims to the depopulation agenda of the New World Order.

Dr. Jane is asked the following:
Is there evidence of the Lipid Nanoparticle shedding? Should we be afraid to be intimate with our spouse if they’re vaccinated? How long will it take the CDC to say that Monkeypox affects everyone and not just Gays? Dr. Jane answers these questions and more, so be sure to watch until the end!

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