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Vaccine Equity Is Racist, NWO Using Vaccine Equity For Assassination

Dr. Jane Ruby dissects “Vaccine Equity” and what’s really behind it. The enemy uses terms that are the opposite of their mission, like the “Affordable Care Act” Obama care that left millions of Americans paying for their own healthcare after being fleeced with high deductibles? Or Reagan’s 1986 “Vaccine Compensation Act” that put the burden of pharmaceutical malpractice on the U.S. taxpayer. Vaccine Equity is a fast track to finishing off minorities with the death shot, a tool to move tax dollars to MORE pharmaceutical grift and Dr. Jane shows you how this happens. And Public Health has become a euphemism for Terrorism…Bioterrorism…just look at the devastating results to our nation. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

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