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The Takedown With Dr. Jane: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Welcome to the Saturday premium special, “The Takedown With Dr. Jane.“ Today’s psychopath villain is Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, not only because he foisted a poisonous bioweapon on peace loving Canadian citizens month after month while devastating injuries and deaths pile up on babies, children and the totality of his population….but there is an even more evil side to his story and love affair with the bioweapon shots. It’s the highly toxid lipid nanoparticle technology that carries the dangerous mRNA into every human cell after injection. The credit for this story goes to Dr. David Martin who brought it out early. Oh yes, this scumbag Trudeau and his family have a financial interest in the development and royalties from the LNPs…originally developed at the University of British Columbia! Illegal price fixing for personal enrichment, a dangerous monopoly for both the Canadian people and the rest of the world.

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